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New Creation is gearing up for the Meet the Heroes Event on Saturday Feb 9th from 1-4 pm. Information about the event can be found at This is our second year of this event and we are expecting to have a larger turnout. Our goal is to have 100 families attend from 1-4 pm. We have partnered with a few schools to spread the word. 

Volunteer Sign up is here:

Volunteers will greet the families and give them a swag back, a passport and the kids will choose a cape. They will then walk to classrooms upstairs. Each classroom has games and crafts that is related to a hero. For example, the first room is dedicated to Katherine Johnson the famous Black Mathematician (Hidden Figures) who will be played by an actress. Volunteers will lead older children in a quick code lesson with Ozobots and there will be another part of the classroom for magnetic painting for younger kids. That room will have an additional volunteer doing electromagnetic demonstrations and giving away levitating pen kits for them to take home. 

The 6 Heroes are all people from Black History. Muhammad Ali, Wilma Rudolph, Charles R. Drew, Mahalia Jackson, Katherine Johnson, and Matthew Henson. Each has there own room, two crafts and a demonstrator.

Volunteers will need to arrive at noon(12) on Saturday, lunch will be provided. We will go over the events for the day and volunteers can choose which rooms they would like to be in at that time. We would love to have you participate if you are able. 

Jermaine McGill


Human Relations Sunday - January 20, 2019

God’s world is groaning for healing. We are called to respond to suffering and transform unjust situations even when it seems like all we have are some clay pots and undrinkable water. Today as part of our United Methodist connection, we have the opportunity to join with United Methodists around the world for Human Relations Sunday.

From people recovering from drug addiction, to children whose parents are incarnated and youth who are trying to stay away from gang influences, United Methodist grass roots ministries are signs of God’s love in the midst of seemingly impossible situations.

Your gift this Sunday will support shared denominational ministries through the Community Developers Program, United Methodist Voluntary Services Program, and the Youth Offender Rehabilitation Program.

It is time, today to invest in the potential of God’s beloved children.


 January Workshops 

The Corridor District
has scheduled its Leadership Workshops
and registration is open!

January 26th from 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
Hebron UMC (2325 Mebane Oaks Rd., Mebane) the following workshops are offered.

  • Decision-Making in the UMC: There’s going to be a called General Conference in 2019. What’s that? Why does it matter? What’s the Book of Discipline? Why should you care what’s in it? This workshop will be Polity 101 for understanding how United Methodists make decisions together. How did we came to this moment as a denomination and what options are on the Table for General Conference delegates in 2019? (PS: This workshop is not an opportunity to debate the issues, but to come to a greater understanding of the process and how it reflects our Wesleyan spirit)
  • Leading an Effective Meeting: Whether you’re the Council Chair, the Finance Chair, or the pastor, navigating group dynamics, facilitating conversation, and achieving desired outcomes are the challenges of effective leadership. Come learn how to plan for and execute an effective meeting.
  • The United Methodist Committee on Relief’s (UMCOR) Connecting Neighbors Leadership Training is a local church disaster readiness program designed to equip volunteers with the information and tools they need to guide a response and have a presence in their community leading up to and following a disaster. The visible presence of the church is an essential and effective ministry that brings God’s hope and healing to people in times of crisis.

January 27th from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Hillsborough UMC (130 W. Tryon St., Hillsborough)
the following workshops are offered.

  • SPRC/PPRC Training: What are the responsibilities of the SPRC? What are best practices for SPRC committees? How do you support, encourage, and assess your pastor and staff in their work? How do you navigate conflict in the congregation?
  • The Gray Area, the places of ministry that seem to have no clear direction or structure or responsible leader, may become sources of tension in a local church. If the Book of Discipline does not tell us, how do we decide what to do, or when, or why? This workshop is ideal for pastors in their first appointment, their first year of this current appointment, or anticipating their first transition., and the laity who serve with them, Workshop leaders will include clergy and laity.
  • From Handout to Hand-Up: You give away backpacks to school children and grocery bags of food from your pantry, you serve meals at the community kitchen and write checks for emergencies. Is there a way to do ministry that is more than a hand-out? Is there a “yes, and” to the charitable work of sharing resources? What does it look like to go deeper to address the systems and the deeper problems that trap folks in poverty, addiction, and dependency?

Register for one or both days of workshops through this link:


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